Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I wanted to share some good news from a blog that I have been following Faith In Fertility. They welcomed their little miracle to the world on Monday. Stop in and see their handsome little fella. Congrats J!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Everything is still going great. Last night little Noah was doing some kind of crazy moves and was VERY active. We just sat there and watched Mo's belly shift around like waves and every once in a while see an arm or leg bulge out. It is so amazing to experience this, and we never would have imagined in a million years we would experience this. Of course we always prayed and wished it would happen, but never could imagine it because it seemed so far away. We went in for our first growth ultrasound and he was just under 3 pounds and was measuring a couple days behind, but our OB said it was alright. Morrisa's uterus is measuring a little ahead which he said was OK. So everything is going good. We have ultrasound pictures from the growth ultrasound, but they aren't very clear (I will post them) and our ultrasound tech was in too much of a rush to explain what she was looking at on the screen to Morrisa, and to even allow me back in the room. This ticked me off to the point that I got in contact with the CEO of our company (I work for our insurance company) and let him know how we have been treated. We have an HMO so everything is done in house and the ultrasound techs have told us that it is their policy not to let the fathers back until the end. That's a bunch of crap, it's my baby too and I should be able to see him. Ohh well, we'll see what comes out of my complaining.

I have been extremely busy as of late. I have started taking classes through the United Methodist Church to become a Certified Lay Minister. Once I have completed the course which ends this time next year I will be able to do everything our Minister is able to do with the exception of sacraments which include baptisms and communion. We have ministry teams that support us through this process and this team and I are building a ministry that we can implement in our church setting. We have decided to work on adding a Contemporary Service and I will be able to give the sermons, which I am very interested in. I feel I have been called to do so and God has equipped me by placing things in my life to give me the ability to do so. I am very excited not only for our local church and what it can do for us locally but for the church in general. In our class alone there are 30 people, and there are classes being held throughout Baltimore and Washington. It's exciting to think what we all can do and supply to our communities with people starting ministries to visit the elderly, help and give support to the homeless, help lead and guide the youth, etc.