Thursday, July 17, 2008

Comments Regarding Article

I wasn't going to add this to my blog because the crude comments to our article were just people who didn't have a clue about infertility spouting off nonsense, but decided why not just touch on it briefly. Some of you may have read through the comments on the Baltimore Sun website, but for those who haven't I'll just touch on the ones I've commented on.

"If they're leaving it in God's hands to carry the pregnancy full-term, then why did they choose to have science intervene to get pregnant in the first place? Perhaps infertile couples should get a clue and take their infertility as a sign that they weren't meant to have biological babies. Then they could pour the same amount of time, money and effort into adopting a needy kid or animal."

My Response:
I'm just in shock at the immaturity of these responses. On second thought, no I'm not. What's your thoughts on medicine in general? By your comment are you saying that those battling an illness shouldn't persue any medication? They should just let nature play it's course and deal with whatever happens? Perhaps they should accept that they weren't meant to live. Give me a break. Your post was incredibly uncalled for and uneducated.

"I understand these people's desire to have their own children - to a point. Why is having your own biological child so important? There are plenty of kids in the world, in Baltimore in particular, who need homes and need to be loved. Why not consider adopting these lovable children? Why spend thousands of dollars on procedures that have marginal success rates? I know folks are going to say I'm heartless and insensitive but this practice is just plain selfish and wasteful."

My Response:
I wouldn't say your heartless until you added the selfish and wasteful. That was heartless. Having gone through this myself I can add that yes there are a lot of children who are out there to be adopted, but there is also a lot that goes into adoption. It's not all that simple. You can't just say alright I can't have kids so I'll just adopt. It's a lengthy process and strict criteria. Also many people who go through infertility whether they are successful or not do adopt. It is more expensive to adopt in most cases than to proceed with treatments.

Other news: We went and saw my grandmother last night who is still in a rehab center recovering from her stroke. She seems to be improving. She has come a long way since I first saw her right after it happened, but she still isn't eating anything. In a way i don't blame her because some of the food there is nasty, but even stuff we bring in she only takes a couple bites. She also seems to be having problems with her short term memory. I hope and pray that she continues to improve and is able to come home at some point, but as of right now I'm not sure if that will happen. Please keep her in your prayers.

ALSO we have our first big ultrasound scheduled for August 11th at 5:30. I'm so excited and can't wait to find out if Doozer is a boy or girl!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Alright here's the link to the article written in the Baltimore Sun this morning. I want to thank

Friday, July 11, 2008


Well the morning started out as usual. We got up and Morrisa was hungry so I made breakfast and served her in bed, and then we began to get ready for work. Shortly after we got moving I heard Morrisa in the bathroom say "Uhh Ohh!" I asked if all was alright and she said that she had some brown discharge. This along with some cramps had her worried as well as myself. She had an appointment already scheduled for 10:30 today with her OB for her weekly check on her blood sugar levels. She made a call to the office to see if they wanted her to come in early, or what to do. After asking her numerous questions told her to lay down and rest and come in at the regular time. So while we were waiting we pulled out the doppler and listened for a heartbeat (which I'm getting pretty good at, usually as soon as she turns it on I have it) and we found him/her. So we go in and the doctor does a quick exam and tells us that the membranes in her cervix are very close to the surface of her cervix and are bleeding. He said that it is something that is common in some women and he was going to scar them using silver nitrate. We both wondered what in the world he was going to do and he took out 2 sticks that looked exactly like 2 long match sticks. He took these and applied them to the areas that were bleeding and that was it. No pain, although Mo is a little crampy right now. He said that everything with the baby looked and sounded great and we are to come back in 3-4 weeks. He also said that her blood sugar levels also looked great and to continue to do what she is doing as far as diet goes.

Of course I was a little bummed because I was hoping he would have done an ultrasound, but that didn't happen. I was spoiled at our RE's office with all the ultrasounds they did. Oh well I guess I'll have to wait until they do one week 18. :(

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What's been going on?

First I'll start by updating on how Morrisa is doing. She's feeling a lot better in the mornings. Going into the second trimester it seems she has more energy and a lot less nausea if any at all. After her last OB appointment they informed us that her blood sugar levels were high and since he knows a lot about PCOS has decided to be proactive and diagnose her as having gestational diabetes. So she has to watch and keep track of what she eats as well as an insulin shot in the evening before bed. The reason for the shot at night was because her fasting blood sugar levels in the morning have been high. I clarify by saying that her levels have been high but not dangerously high. They just wanted get on top of it before it got any worse. She met with a nutrionist yesterday who said that she was on the right track and helped with meal ideas.

Secondly Morrisa was contacted by a writer from the Baltimore Sun who is doing a story on infertility bloggers, and I also had the priveledge to speak with her yesterday and add my thoughts and feelings. They sent a photographer over to the house on Tuesday evening to take some pictures for the paper, and will be coming out shortly. I will share when it comes out and hopefully be able to add a link. We are very excited to be able to share our story and hopefully be able to promote awareness about PCOS and infertility.

Yesterday we hit week 13! Very excited about that and Doozer seemed to be also. We used our doppler and listened both in the morning and in the evening which was a treat. Usually we listen in the evening, but he seemed to be very active with a new strong heart beat and a lot of thumping sounds. Our next OB appt is scheduled for next Wed. and I'm hoping we get to have anouther ultrasound. Just to be able to see Doozer again.

Lastly I know I haven't been posting regularly and have apologized and promised before about being a better blogger, but this time I promise I'll write more often.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So much to say,

Wow I have been so busy at work and haven't been able to post lately, so that has left me with so much to say. I know your probably reading this saying to yourself, well isn't that what your supposed to do at work instead of writing on your blog. Your right!
Anyway I will start with the fact that we received our doppler and we LOVE IT! We have made it an evening ritual to come home from work and listen to our little ones heart beat. Here's the video of it.

We were listening last night and you could clearly hear it moving. It was the coolest thing ever. It was neat because every time we would hear the different sounds of him/her moving the heart rate would raise from 172 to 183ish. I think getting the doppler was the best decision. Not only because we get to hear the little guy/girl every night but it really has helped calm some of Morrisa's anxiety waiting until our next dr appointment.

We have also been receiving little gifts from people, and it's been everything from maternity tops for Morrisa to diaper bag and clothes for the little one. The clothes for the little one have been from our family out in West Virginia, so they have all been WVU clothes. Which is alright with me since I have been slowly transformed into a WVU fan thanks to my cousin who is in the marching band. Here's our latest gift that arrived last night.
We received a jersey for myself, Mo, and little Doozer. The little jersey is so cute.

My grandmother has been moved to a nursing home closer to home for recovery from her stroke. She's improving some what. They have told us that she will be able to walk and is slowly getting to that point, but she may not regain the use of her left arm. The problem we are facing now is that she hasn't been eating anything. She will take a bite of something and that's all she will eat.
Also for those of you who also read my dear loving wife's blog I feel the need to shed some light on a topic she has brought up about the status of our house. For those of you who haven't read or don't follow my wife's blog she brought up the fact that our house is a mess. Since she has been so tired and with me playing softball we have neglected a few things. I should say it's cluttered and not dirty, but anyway she has mentioned that I have promised to do some picking up which hasn't been done as of yet. This is where I think some of the truth should come out. LOL I was about to do said cleaning when my wonderful wife said, "no, that's alright spend some time with me and clean later". So the cleaning didn't happen as of yet. Just wanted to shed some light on the subject. LOL