Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In the cover of night...

So when the time comes for me to get a hair cut I do it myself. I mean it's not that hard as you can tell from my profile picture it all comes off. Ever since I was little I have kept my hair extremely close. That and the fact the my hair is falling out and I'm not balding in any kind of normal pattern. When my hair starts to grow out I look like I have mange. I think I;m the only man in the world who wishes his hair would all just fall out. That way I don't have to cut it anymore. Anyway back to last night. So I was cutting my hair and my clippers stop working half way through. So I'm standing there in the bathroom with the entire front half of my head cut and the back half too long to finish with a razor. The only thing I could do is call my parents who live a couple miles down the road and see if they were still awake and could finish my hair cut. Luckily dad was up and said he would finish. The only problem was I had to drive over there and the drive includes a busy Route 1, but it was getting dark so I should be alright. I could only imagine pulling up next to someone and them seeing this wild hair do I was sporting. It was quite funny, but I made it without anyone spotting me.

On the baby front, our doppler should be arriving by the end of the week. Hopefully we can post a recording of the heartbeat.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The beginning of another week...

Here we go another start to another week. We rested this weekend instead of going to the mountains. Sunday we cleaned out our extra room which up till has been used as extra storage and where the cats litter boxes are. This room will eventually be used as our nursery, but we aren't going to start anything else with it until we are much further along. It was nice though to get rid of some stuff we had laying around. We both also spent the weekend debating whether or not to get a doppler. I'm not opposed at all, and this morning Morrisa emailed me with 2 doppler's she found and wanted to know what I thought about renting one. I told her either one was fine with me and she has placed an order for one. I think it would be great to be able to hear his/her heartbeat and give us the ability to do so whenever we wish instead of whenever the doctor allows us. Also it would alleviate some of Morrisa's anxiety waiting for our next doctors appointment as well as my own.

Speaking of doctor's appointments, we scheduled our next appt for Wed July 16th at 3:45. I will update and let you know when we are getting our doppler.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Two days after our first appt with our new OB and I am still amazed at the sight of our little one moving. I have been so excited and yet still a little gaurded about being too excited up until this point. I think I was still in shock. Probably because as much as we really wanted this and prayed that God would give us our little miracle, 6 years of trying kind of made it hard to imagine that this day would come. As I stood there watching the u/s screen seeing our little one move for the first time for us it hit me that we've made it. Don't get me wrong I know there's still risk's, but I just have this calming feeling that everything is going to be alright. It's tough because as happy as I am that infertile feeling still hits me. I'm so happy that we've come this far, but also saddened by the fact that there are so many loving, deserving, and amazing people out there that are still battling the unfair, devastating, and evil demon that is infertility. What saddens me more is that it will always be there. There will always be a couple fighting the fight. I know it will never be an easy road for anyone to travel, but pray that society is more sympathetic and understanding of what we go through. Also that insurance companies realize that they are in the wrong for not covering infertility and stop taking advantage of the situation. As I said before it will never be an easy road for anyone to travel but it should be a little more smoother ride than it is with all of these potholes we come across.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm Still Here

Here's the newest picture of our little Doozer. We went in yesterday and everything looked great! We love her OB. We met him for the first time yesterday and he was awesome! He knew all about PCOS and was very knowledgable and understanding in regards to infertility in general. He did all the routine examinations and did an ultrasound. The u/s machine they had was brand new and they were also learning as they went. Which in a way was good because we had a longer u/s than we've had before, and were able to enjoy our little guy/girl. We also were able to see him move, which was amazing. At first he was just relaxing in there. So the OB moved the probe around to stir him up a bit. Doozer didn't seem to like that because it looked as though he took his little hand and swatted at the probe. Now we have to wait a whole 4 weeks until we get to see him again.
Other news my grandmother seems to be improving in her recovery. Her left side which was paralyzed from the stroke is tingling. She said it feels like her left arm and leg were a sleep and the tingling hurts, but it's a good thing because she is regaining feeling. Thank you everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Here's the new shot of our little Doozer!!
I've been a terrible blogger lately. I haven't even had time to read others blogs and am so behind. I'm going to at some point this weekend catch up on everyone's blog's. I'm sorry. Things will be more like normal next week. Hopefully!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Graduation Day!!!

First let me apologize for my absence. I've been emotionally drained these last couple days and haven't been up to blogging, but things are getting a little better.

I never thought that this day would have ever come. I mean I have always dreamed of the day we would be discharged from our RE, but it always seemed just that, a dream. Today that dream has become a reality and we walked out of our clinic saying goodbye's. At least for now. It's a little weird. The appointment went great. We got to see Doozer again, and we've been looking forward to that since we walked out of our clinic last Wednesday. My how he/she has grown. Our RE said that everything looked great and that the baby is growing perfectly and it's heart rate was at 167 which was great! So now Mo has put a call into Kaiser so that she could schedule an appt with an OB. We had to make a decision whether we wanted to go with an OB that is located close to home and would deliver in a hospital that was closer, but wouldn't be as personalable and as understanding of our situation being infertile's. We also had a choice of going to the OB/GYN she has seen before which is right next door to Morrisa's job who has been awesome in the past and know's what we have been through throughout the years. The only thing with going with her would be we would have to deliver in Baltimore City which is 15-20 minutes from home. We have decided to go with the OB in Baltimore City so Mo is comfortable with her OB, which is really important to both of us. Will update when we find out more information, and will post a new picture of Doozer tonight.

Other news, my family has been hit pretty hard with bad news these last couple months. With the passing of my grandfather and his cousin the day before. Now another relative is in the hospital with cancer, which they were going to try to remove but weren't able to as it has spread all throughout his body and isn't going to make it much longer. Now my grandmother is in the hospital after she suffered a stroke last Friday afternoon. She has been improving the last couple days. She still has paralysis on her left side but able to talk more. The really hard part is that she was asking my dad yesterday if he was going to see my grandfather when he left the hospital. So she has no memory of him passing away. I hope and pray she continues to improve and with some help from the dr's or whomever we can find the best way to tell her that my grandfather is no longer with us. So many different stresses going on right now hopefully things quiet down for the weeks and months to come.