Friday, December 26, 2008

Welcome Noah!!

Well little Noah decided he was ready to come out and wanted to be here for Christmas. We tried to update earlier but the hospitals internet would not let us access our blogs or emails.

Noah was born December 23, 2008 at 11:13am! He weighed 7lbs 2.4 ounces and measured 19 3/4. He is adorable! We will post more pictures later but here is a sneak peak.Both Mom and Noah are doing great and I'm so proud of them both.

I will give more updates about the birth and craziness that occurred, but first Mom and I must rest as we just got home and we are exhausted.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Week 35 Update

I have more pictures to post. Pictures of his nursery, but until I upload them I thought I would give a quick update. We had a growth ultrasound which the ultrasound tech was awesome and let me come in for the whole thing. Kaiser's rules stink. They only let husbands back for the last couple minutes of the ultrasound. I probably ranted about this before. Noah is head down, Yay, and has hair! This was a surprise to us because both of us were bald babies and were betting that he would be also. He was also weighing 4 1/2 pounds and by now is probably somewhere around 5 - 5 1/2 pounds. Morrisa went for her fetal non stress test yesterday, and Noah passed with flying colors. Which he has been each time she has gone in. My little trooper. Anyway each time Mo has gone though she would start having contractions and they would keep her for 2 hours each visit to monitor. She is now dilated 1 cm and that hasn't changed for the past couple days which is good. Although her blood pressure was high 128/98 and her doctor made yesterday her last day of work. She is now on bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy which is pretty tough for her because I know she wants to be up and about. She hates not being able to help around the house and such, but we need for her to be heathly as well as Noah. Keep both in your prayers. We go back for another NST on Friday and I will update on what we learn from that visit.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Baby Shower

So we had our baby shower on Nov 22nd. I know I haven't posted in a while and should have posted this earlier. We had a great showing of support from our family and friends. We an attendance of about 60. Little Noah is so blessed to have such great people surrounding him and who can't wait to meet him. I can't believe we have made it here. It seems like yesterday we were just at week 10. Still at week 34 we still can't believe we have a little one on the way.

This first picture is of the cake my mom made for the shower. Of course it has to be a Noah's Ark cake.

Mom and Dad also made three diaper cakes.

We received a special gift from Dad (Pop Pop) to Noah. He painted letters for the nursery.

We would like to thank all who helped with the shower as well everyone who gave us such wonderful gifts. We're still putting stuff away.
I thought I was just going to be a spectator. LOL