Thursday, July 10, 2008

What's been going on?

First I'll start by updating on how Morrisa is doing. She's feeling a lot better in the mornings. Going into the second trimester it seems she has more energy and a lot less nausea if any at all. After her last OB appointment they informed us that her blood sugar levels were high and since he knows a lot about PCOS has decided to be proactive and diagnose her as having gestational diabetes. So she has to watch and keep track of what she eats as well as an insulin shot in the evening before bed. The reason for the shot at night was because her fasting blood sugar levels in the morning have been high. I clarify by saying that her levels have been high but not dangerously high. They just wanted get on top of it before it got any worse. She met with a nutrionist yesterday who said that she was on the right track and helped with meal ideas.

Secondly Morrisa was contacted by a writer from the Baltimore Sun who is doing a story on infertility bloggers, and I also had the priveledge to speak with her yesterday and add my thoughts and feelings. They sent a photographer over to the house on Tuesday evening to take some pictures for the paper, and will be coming out shortly. I will share when it comes out and hopefully be able to add a link. We are very excited to be able to share our story and hopefully be able to promote awareness about PCOS and infertility.

Yesterday we hit week 13! Very excited about that and Doozer seemed to be also. We used our doppler and listened both in the morning and in the evening which was a treat. Usually we listen in the evening, but he seemed to be very active with a new strong heart beat and a lot of thumping sounds. Our next OB appt is scheduled for next Wed. and I'm hoping we get to have anouther ultrasound. Just to be able to see Doozer again.

Lastly I know I haven't been posting regularly and have apologized and promised before about being a better blogger, but this time I promise I'll write more often.

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