Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In the cover of night...

So when the time comes for me to get a hair cut I do it myself. I mean it's not that hard as you can tell from my profile picture it all comes off. Ever since I was little I have kept my hair extremely close. That and the fact the my hair is falling out and I'm not balding in any kind of normal pattern. When my hair starts to grow out I look like I have mange. I think I;m the only man in the world who wishes his hair would all just fall out. That way I don't have to cut it anymore. Anyway back to last night. So I was cutting my hair and my clippers stop working half way through. So I'm standing there in the bathroom with the entire front half of my head cut and the back half too long to finish with a razor. The only thing I could do is call my parents who live a couple miles down the road and see if they were still awake and could finish my hair cut. Luckily dad was up and said he would finish. The only problem was I had to drive over there and the drive includes a busy Route 1, but it was getting dark so I should be alright. I could only imagine pulling up next to someone and them seeing this wild hair do I was sporting. It was quite funny, but I made it without anyone spotting me.

On the baby front, our doppler should be arriving by the end of the week. Hopefully we can post a recording of the heartbeat.

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