Thursday, June 19, 2008


Two days after our first appt with our new OB and I am still amazed at the sight of our little one moving. I have been so excited and yet still a little gaurded about being too excited up until this point. I think I was still in shock. Probably because as much as we really wanted this and prayed that God would give us our little miracle, 6 years of trying kind of made it hard to imagine that this day would come. As I stood there watching the u/s screen seeing our little one move for the first time for us it hit me that we've made it. Don't get me wrong I know there's still risk's, but I just have this calming feeling that everything is going to be alright. It's tough because as happy as I am that infertile feeling still hits me. I'm so happy that we've come this far, but also saddened by the fact that there are so many loving, deserving, and amazing people out there that are still battling the unfair, devastating, and evil demon that is infertility. What saddens me more is that it will always be there. There will always be a couple fighting the fight. I know it will never be an easy road for anyone to travel, but pray that society is more sympathetic and understanding of what we go through. Also that insurance companies realize that they are in the wrong for not covering infertility and stop taking advantage of the situation. As I said before it will never be an easy road for anyone to travel but it should be a little more smoother ride than it is with all of these potholes we come across.

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