Monday, June 23, 2008

The beginning of another week...

Here we go another start to another week. We rested this weekend instead of going to the mountains. Sunday we cleaned out our extra room which up till has been used as extra storage and where the cats litter boxes are. This room will eventually be used as our nursery, but we aren't going to start anything else with it until we are much further along. It was nice though to get rid of some stuff we had laying around. We both also spent the weekend debating whether or not to get a doppler. I'm not opposed at all, and this morning Morrisa emailed me with 2 doppler's she found and wanted to know what I thought about renting one. I told her either one was fine with me and she has placed an order for one. I think it would be great to be able to hear his/her heartbeat and give us the ability to do so whenever we wish instead of whenever the doctor allows us. Also it would alleviate some of Morrisa's anxiety waiting for our next doctors appointment as well as my own.

Speaking of doctor's appointments, we scheduled our next appt for Wed July 16th at 3:45. I will update and let you know when we are getting our doppler.

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