Friday, March 14, 2008

Gentlemen Start Your Engines!

I can't even express how happy I am that Friday is finally here. This past week at work has been crazy to say the least. Anyway we got our protocol yesterday, but I was swamped at work and couldn't get around to posting. My wife started taking birth control yesterday, and she will be taking Lupron, Follistim, and Menopur. We were both expecting her to be on Gonal F only because we have seen most people on Gonal F for IVF. Our thought is that because she responded to the Follistim when we did our IUI our doctor prefers this over the other, but whatever he knows better right? We were also told that usually with IVF the monitor every other day, but they are going to monitor my wife every day because of her "very polycystic ovaries". This was news us because they've never told us anything other than she was the classic case for PCOS. This added to my wife's fears of over stimulating or not stimulating at all but we both trust our doctor and have to just leave it in Gods hands that everything will go well. Morrisa is feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything right now, and I know she is cautiously excited to start. I'm excited and very optimistic. Maybe that's just me because I try not to go into anything thinking anything but positive. All we can do is do what the doctor tells us and leave everything to God. Here are our estimated dates for this cycle:
3/13-4/2: Take BCPs
3/31: Start Lurpon
4/8: b/w & u/s and start stims
4/19: Egg retrieval
4/22: 3 day transfer or 4/24 5d day transfer

This weekend we are singing which is exciting. I was talking with one of the youth in our church last night about getting his band to play for a contemporary service a few of us are planning. Not to ramble on too much but I have signed up for a course for "Laity Ministry" the conference is offering which would allow me to preach and do weddings,funerals, and so on in the church. They haven't set a date on when this course is starting but I can't wait. I'm going to find a way to post sermons I have done so anyone can access them.
Hopefully once the clock hits 4:45 and I can leave, time will slow down and the weekend doesn't fly by like it always seem to do.

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Kenya said...

Here comes your multiples...I have a feeling you'll be successful during your IVF.