Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Aww man it's only Tuesday?!?!?

Good morning all!! It's Tuesday and I'm still wondering where the weekend went. The weekend was good and bad. Good because it was pretty relaxing and I got to spend time with my awesome wife. It ended bad with us having to send my grandfather to the hospital. He's 84 and has had his share of medical issues. He's had a couple bypass surgeries and was diagnosed with non Hodgkin's lymphoma which which was in remission, but we kind of think it's back and they just aren't telling us. On top of all this he has a lung disease which nobody can say they call it Mac for short, anyway he's on oxygen due to this and was having trouble breathing on Sunday. I kind of get the feeling he kind of knows something is going to happen to him because he wrote out instructions for everyone as to what to do when he passes. He has always said that he isn't afraid to pass because he is at a point in his faith that he knows where he's going, and I truly admire that strong of faith but it still doesn't make it any easier. It's tough to see the two strongest men I've grown up admiring, that being my grandfather and dad go through this.
IVF news: Morrisa is still taking birth control pills (BCP) which is making her feel sick. I feel so bad for her because before it was the Metformin that was making feel sick and now add the BCP's on top of that. Hopefully her body will adjust and she won't have to deal with these side effects. We go in tomorrow for our mock embryo transfer at 8:30. I'm kinda excited because to me it's another step toward the real transfer. Like always I'm going into this very hopeful, but that's me always being the optimistic one. I know Morrisa is also excited but has some her fears which are valid, but it's also her way of preparing for what ever the outcome is. I completely understand how she feels.
Well I gotta run for now.

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