Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Turn

So for the longest time now I have sat back and let my wife do all of the talking (and I've learned it's best that way), but she's been blogging for a while and I figured I should give it a try. I've searched around and noticed that there's not a lot of guys blogging about their journey through infertility. That's probably because most of us don't like to share our feelings, but I hope I can help change that however that may be.
Let's go back and I'll fill you in on our situation. I'm about to turn 30 and my amazing wife is 27. We've been married for 5 almost 6 wonderful years and have been TTC (Trying To Conceive) since our honeymoon. After a couple of months my wife was diagnosed with PCOS. We've tried Clomid and then a combination of Clomid and Metformin to help her ovulate on her own and neither seemed to work. After a couple months of this we moved on to several cycles of clomid/IUI and Femara/IUI only to ovulate three times. RE recommended moving straight to IVF. That's where the fun began. We've already had numerous battles with our lovely insurance company, and they wanted us to do blood work in order to approve IVF. We've already done this numerous times with them but went along with it. We did the lab work and received a lovely bill for $1600 and a letter denying our IVF referral. I was so happy that they made us do the tests only to deny us, but what are you to do? They wanted us to do at least 2 cycles of injectables/IUI. Our doctor wasn't too happy about this but went along with the program and we went through our cycle of injectables/IUI. 1st cycle didn't work and we then had to sit out and wait due to 2 4cm ovarian cysts. While we were waiting insurance company finally gives us the news we have been waiting for, that they will approve our referral for IVF. We go back in to do day 3 blood work for IVF and get news that the beta came back at 9 and that it was likely a chemical pregnancy. We went back in 2 days later and the beta came back at 0 confirming chemical preganancy. This bring us to today.
Right now we are waiting for her day 3 to arrive to start the IVF process. I apologize for rushing through our treatment history but didn't want to write 5 years worth in detail especially since I'm supposed to be working.


emmhollar said...

I think it's great that you started a blog! Brian would never do anything like that. In fact, he didn't show any emotion to anyone until we miscarried at 5 weeks. It's important to hear both sides. Good for you!

Maria said...

Congrats on starting a blog! I love your wife's, so I'm sure I'll like yours too!!

Debbie said...

Welcome, Congrats on starting your own blog. I have found so much comfort in expressing my opinions on my blog not to mention the love and support of all the great ladies I've "met". I hope you find the same comfort.

I look forward to joining you on your journey.

Also, my blog is private so if you would like to join please email me at debbiehowarth at gmail dot com.

Meghan said...

welcome! Thanks for sharing the guy point of view! I don't know if my husband is brave enough ;)

Kenya said...

Welcome and it's so cool to see a hubby's side of things. Mo brought me into the world of blogging too and it's therapy. She's awesome.

Jon said...

Another man! A war welcome to the very exclusive club.

Thanks for the link


twright said...

Hey, this is great. thanks for being brave enough to express your thoughts on IF. I will be looking forward to reading more.