Monday, March 24, 2008

Sorry for the delay...

Wow!!! Sorry for not posting sooner. Things have been a little crazy at work and I haven't had anytime in the evening to write anything because we've been going to the hospital. Friday I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up our meds for IVF. The woman behind the counter put a couple things down and I was thinking "huh, that's not all that bad." She proceeded to make a couple trips back to the counter each trip bringing more and more and more items. Luckily Morrisa called ahead of time and we knew going in how much it all cost, because if not I probably would have turned around and ran. It wasn't bad though. The total bill came out to $1075, and the majority of that was the Follistim which for the 3 viles of 600IU totaled $775. Thankfully our insurance covered half if not more on all of our meds, because if not it would have been a lot more. Now the excitement is really building in anticipation to stop taking the birth control (my wife that is, not me) and start some of these other medications. I tell you though I'm not looking forward to her taking the Lupron because of the side effects that she has mentioned to me. Hopefully she won't have the side effects that she has told me about like the crazy mood swings, because if so I might seek refuge at my parents house for a week or so. Since my last post we went in on Wednesday for our mock transfer and our doctor said all looks good. I thought it was pretty cool. We've seen the sonograms that show her uterus and ovaries before and we're used to seeing the same views, but to see our doctor insert saline in her uterus was pretty cool.
None IVF news. My grandfather is coming home from the hospital today. Due to his non-Hodgkin's lymphoma his body is fighting and killing off all of his platelets leaving his body without red or white blood cells. Last we heard before he went to ICU was that his platelet count went up with his intial transfusion but continued to drop since. I'm not sure if those numbers have been holding steady or if they went up, but he said that he wants to come home because there is something he wants to do before he passes. Nobody has any knowledge what this is that he wants to do but as long as he is comfortable we all respect his wishes. We went to be with him yesterday and his spirits haven't been down the whole time he was in the hospital. He's been his normal self joking around with us and the nurses. So we'll see how the week goes.
Other exciting news for me at least is that softball season is about to start back up. Usually in the spring I will play on a coed team at church and an all mens team, but this season I may be playing on an additional team which would have me out of the house for 3 days out of the week. So we'll see if Morrisa is alright with this. :)


Erin said...

I am praying for your grandfather. He has amazing faith and I know he is at peace with his decision. Brian plays softball too. I like to have him out of the house haha.

Kenya said...

I prayed for your grandfather. I'm glad that he's heading home.