Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday? Blah!

Happy rainy Monday to everyone! The weekend was short as usual. We were at Shady Grove Saturday and Sunday mornings to monitor Morrisa's E2 levels as well as the growth of her follicles (or egg farm as I like to refer to it as.) and all seemed well. Her E2 levels continued to rise as expected with the growth and number of follicles that she has. The last results we have heard on her E2 levels they were at 2175 and of the eight follicles they measured they were all pretty much in the 16-18 range with one being a 20. They kept us at 50 units of Follistim and lowered the amount of Menopur from 75iu to about half of that.
We went back in this morning and the follies have grown and the ones on the right side seem to be the growing pretty consistently. All seem to be between 22-20, so it looks like we are going to be triggering tonight. WooHoo!! We still have to wait to hear the official word from our nurse but that's the way it looks as of now. That would put the egg retrieval taking place on Wednesday. I can't believe that we're finally approaching this stage of the process.
This is the start of a busy week for us as my dad goes in tomorrow to have his other hip replacement, replaced. He had his his left hip replaced back in October I believe it was. He originally has both hips replaced years ago and the plastic has worn down so they are replacing all of the hardware. He said it's no where near the pain and recovery he had during his original surgery, which is good. He was up and back at work after 3 weeks from his last surgery in October.
Then we have the egg retrieval on Wednesday (hopefully) and if they do a 5 day transfer which we're praying for we will have the transfer on Monday. So now we wait for official word from our nurse.


Morrisa said...

Just wanted you to know I am here and reading and loving that you are the most amazing husband ever!
Egg Farm

Duck said...

you guys are too cute.

Erin said...

I hope you get a little more comfortable with the IM injections. I had to give myself a few when Brian was out of town, but they're really much easier when he does them. By the end of this cycle, you'll be a pro.

sara said...

Just wanted to wish you two the best of luck as well as good wishes for your dad's hip replacement. My husband's dad is young also and has had a few over the years. His latest one went much better with much less recovery. Hope you guys have a great egg retrieval!

Mr. & Mrs. M@sk said...

Best of luck for your ER!