Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wait a minute...

My wife received a call yesterday from her nurse telling her that her Day 3 E2 levels were too high to start stims last night. Her E2 levels were 78 and they needed to be below 50, so we continued with the Lupron shots this morning at our usual 20 units. We go back in on Friday morning to check her levels again. Looking at the positive we won't have to drive to Annapolis on Saturday or Sunday and can stay in Gettysburg. I know this news though has my wife devastated because we have been so looking forward to starting and feels that this cycle is already a bust. I try to help by being my optimistic self and tell her it's not the end of this cycle and that we are just pushing everything back a couple days. Although by being optimistic and sharing that with her I also don't want her to feel that I am making it seem like her feelings aren't valid and that she's over reacting. I know it can seem that way sometimes but I do understand her fears, it's just I try to point out the positive points to cheer her up. So we will wait until Friday and hopefully her E2 levels drop and we can start our stims that night. This week isn't going by fast enough!

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