Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Little Doozer!

Here's our little Doozer. I have found myself as well as my wife looking at the picture throughout the day and have to tell you I have become quite attached to it. So far I have been so optimistic and in previous cycles if things didn't go well I talked myself through it telling myself it's o.k. we'll just keep on trying. This is where my fear comes in. I have such high hopes for this cycle and have become quite attached to our Doozer that if for some reason this cycle doesn't work it may be more devastating than the many others. Oh well I guess I can't worry about that now. All I can do is patiently wait and leave it in God's hands. I so hope this is it!!


sara said...

I left it on your wife's page, but congrats on the little doozer. I'm hoping he digs in and gets nice and comfy for you guys! Best of luck.

Erin said...

It sounds like everything went well. There is nothing wrong with having high hopes. Even after 4 failed cycles I still get a little hopeful.