Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Egg Retrieval Time!!

We arrived this morning at Shady Grove in Rockville at 8:40 for our egg retrieval. They were pretty quick to take us back to the recovery area where we would wait for the procedure that was scheduled at 10:30. It was what seemed like an extremely long time filled with anxiety and a little fear that something might go wrong. 10:30 finally rolled around and they came in and walked Morrisa into the O.R. I then was shown the way to my waiting room where they would then escort me to my collection room. Which I might add wasn't all that bad. For those of you who may be curious they had a recliner type chair, tv, and material. Which I was curious if they would have since before we went to Shady Grove I had to give a sample at Kaiser where I had to share a public restroom with whomever walked in and out.
Anyway, around 10:50 I was allowed to go back into the recovery room to see Morrisa. She was really groggy, but was in good spirits. The doctor who did the retrieval came in and said that they were able to collect 16 eggs!! She also said that she drained about 4cc's of fluid which was from pre-hyper-stimulation. She said that she doesn't think there is anything to be concerned about but to keep an eye out for any symptoms for the next couple days.
We're both home now and Morrisa is recovering on the couch where I get to baby her for the remainder of the day. We should hear from a nurse tomorrow with the fertilization results and how many eggs mature.
Other news my dad's surgery went very well and he is recovering and was up walking a little today. Also I'm a little ticked off that the Washington Capitals lost last night and are no longer in the playoffs! Oh well there's always next year.


Erin said...

Brian has graced that collection room many times. I'm glad everything went well.

Azalea Baby said...

I've been lurking for a while. 16 eggs is great! Glad it went well, best wishes.

Fertilized said...

Aren't you the bestest Husband! Take care of our girl!

Pink said...

I am glad the retrieval went well! WOw 16 eggs!! Good luck and tell your wife congrats on the good report.

CAM said...

16 eggs is a good amount! Don't worry about the trigger shot hubby actually practiced on a office chair. Its like the plasticy leathery seat - our nurse said its a good place to practice what it will feel like. He's really good at it now!