Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday? Why Can't It Be Friday Already?

Well as I struggled to keep up with my wife this morning we made it to our dr's appt. After another 2 softball games last night, 4 in 2 days I am to say the least completely sore from head to toe. The appt went good. Her lining was 8 and she has 27 antral follicles. Now I have no idea if this number is good or bad, but I can guess that since it's a high number it's a good thing. That and my wife seemed happy that the number was high, although it probably means she's going to be very uncomfortable in the coming days. As we we're walking into the office we ran into Erin as she was there for her beta. Hoping she gets awesome news later today!

I'm going to go find some Advil, Asprin, Tylenol, conference room floor to lay on, anything to help feel more comfortable.

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Duck said...

I just saw your link from Morrisa's blog, wanted to stop by and wish you luck tonight. It's so nice that your blogging too.