Monday, May 19, 2008

Awesome Weekend!

This past weekend was a blast! On Saturday we went to the Baltimore Zoo to see the new baby elephant they have. He was so tiny compared to his momma. It was nice because we got there as they opened so there wasn't a lot of people there yet, and were able to take our time and move around at our own pace. We got to get up close to the cheetah they have and he was very talkative just like our cats at home. It was too cool. We then came home for my softball game which once we got to the field we were notified the game was canceled. So we went to my parents house and hung out with them for a while. Their so excited at the possibility of being grandparents. Mom has a calendar which tells her what developmental stage the baby is reaching every day. On Sunday we went to church, and for dinner I took Morrisa to Medieval Times. I've went with my cousins for a bachelor party and thought she would would enjoy it. So we went and she had a blast. The food was awesome and the show was too cool. We couldn't get over how well trained the horses were. i will post pictures of this weekend later this evening.

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Rachie Pachie said...

Aww... that is so cute about your Mom's calendar! :)

Glad you both had a nice weekend. It can really make so many things better to have a relaxing, fun weekend with the spouse!

I'll be thinking about ya'll tomorrow for that ultrasound!