Friday, May 9, 2008

Finally Friday

So last night we stopped by my parents house because we couldn't take not telling them. We got there and talked with them for a couple of minutes and I mentioned that there was a picture that I wanted to show them. I told them that it was a picture of a bug that the cats had found in the house and we've never seen anything like it before. Which wasn't all a lie. We have never seen one of those (a positive preg. test) in our house before. Well I pulled up the picture of a positive test and they both just stood there looking confused and mom finally looked at Morrisa and said "Are you pregnant?" It was perfect because they knew we were going in for our beta on Monday and o the thought never crossed their mind that we were going to show them that. Dad thought it was an advertisement that came up on the screen. We told them that we still had to wait for the beta, but they are excited. As much as we want to have a kid we want to give them a grandchild. We see how they are with my little cousins and so want to give them a grandchild to spoil.

I've been thinking of a good blog to post, and I think my next blog will be about my life. We've talked about recent events in infertility, and I thought I'd take you back to the beginning. So look for that to come up. Everyone have a great weekend. Tomorrow we have a mother's day picnic for my grandmother, and Sunday we're going to Morrisa's mom's house for mother's day.

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