Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This post is going to be boring...

I've been thinking of what to say since we're still waiting to test and for our beta. It's been pretty much quiet as far as what to blog about. The weekend was good. We went on a date Saturday and went to see "Made of Honor". It was a "chick flick", but it was good. We had a good time. It was nice getting out of the house and having something take our minds off of this cycle. For my birthday I received a lot of gift cards to different places so we went to lunch on Sunday to "On the Border" which is a Mexican restaurant. It was our first time going there and that also was nice. I still prefer Don Pablos. We then stopped by Home Depot and picked up a bird feeder and some seed and went home and set it up in front of the dinning room window so the cats can watch them during the day. Other than that it has been pretty much uneventful. Sorry for extremely boring post that this has turned into. I promise I will find something exciting and possibly funny to talk about next.

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FYI - I have been getting a lot of "hate" comments in my blog recently. So I have changed my web address for my blog. If you have my blog linked on your blog roll it will no longer function as I have changed my URL/web address (because my old one had my name on it and I don't want these creeps to be able to find me...). My new URL/web address that will need to be edited in your blog roll is: http://www.infertilityisunfair.blogspot.com/

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