Friday, May 2, 2008

Thanks Google!

Yesterday was good, at least it started that way. I was hopeful and thinking maybe this cycle could be it and Doozer will pull through. That was until I went and picked up my wife from work. She came out and got in the car and was telling how bummed she was and that she doesn't think this cycle worked. This was due to her cramps which she described as the same at the end of our last IUI cycle that ended in a BFN. The other thing that caused this depression was that she found online through a Google search some data that is used when calculating success rates for IVF between single transfers and 2 embryo transfers. This data said that the single embryo results were not from just one fresh cycle, but that of fresh cycle and one frozen cycle. So this news bummed her out even more, and brought me from hopeful to absolutely miserable thinking this is a failed cycle. This has not been the first time that information regarding infertility found through Google has made her upset and depressed, and I'm sure it won't be the last either. I know it's not Google's fault that all the depressing news my wife finds is posted on these websites but they are the vehicle that takes he there. I wish they would drive her to good news more often than the bad. Anyway that's my rant on Google and her obsession with using it as "Dr Google". I have tried to steer her from getting her info from the internet but she doesn't listen.

Anyway today has been good. Thanks to all of you wonderful people out there she is feeling more hopeful and I woke up this morning feeling my optimistic self. You combine the two and it makes for a good start to the weekend. The chant continues, "Dig Doozer Dig".


Katie said...

"Cast your fears away, worries for another day, let the music play, down in Fraggle Rock"

Sending you positive thoughts for a sticky bean

Shauna said...

you can't think that way yet! you'll drive yourself crazy during the next couple weeks. There's no way to know...statistics are just that, statistics...probabilities....there's no telling which group you will be in until the time the best thing you can do for your heart is just think hopeful thoughts.

Duck said...

Don't loose faith! Dr. Google is totally not reliable, it's your own clinic's stats that count. For example, many clinics have a success rate of only 35%, but, when i look at mine's stats, in my age group, it's 56%, so it's those stats that count, not evil doc google. Leave doc google out of this!

Pink said...

How did the transfer go today?