Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Growing Strong

We went in for our 7 wk u/s this morning and our RE said that everything looked great. Doozer has grown more than double his size since our last u/s last Wednesday. I keep referring to Doozer as a boy. I have no reasoning as to why it's just have a feeling we both share. Although boy or girl it doesn't matter which it will be. I have no preference. Anyway it was amazing to see his/her little heart pumping. Last visit we saw what looked like a little light blinking, but to see the heart actually pumping was amazing. I can't wait until the day we finally get to hold little Doozer in our arms. They gave us a picture which really isn't that clear, but I will still post it as soon as we scan it tonight. We also go back next Wed. for our 8wk u/s and will probably be discharged from our clinic to our OB. Continue to Grow Doozer!

Now for some sports.
Un-fertility related we finally were able to play 2 softball games last night. I wasn't able to play at all last week due to the rain. We lost the first and won the second by a run. I hit 2 home runs and the rest of my at bats were good hits. 3 years ago I guess it was I shattered my ankle playing second base. The throw was high and as I came down on one leg and tried to make the tag, the base runner (which was my cousin) was sliding. Well with all my weight on one leg and the force of his body hitting my ankle the outcome wasn't good. Anyway back to last night, I played second base for the first time since. Surprisingly I felt great and made some really good plays. Up until last night I dreaded playing any infield at all, but had a blast and more confidence than before I broke my ankle. Good thing my parents and Morrisa wasn't there because they probably would have freaked out and left. Not wanting to see a repeat performance. So it was a good night and looking forward to tonights games. I will post the picture later this evening.

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Stace said...

I'm so excited for you guys!

I can't wait to see the picture!